November 20, 2010

Some Michelins Were Harmed In The Making Of This Film


A guy burning rubber in a Cadillac station wagon.
A guy dancing maniacally in a Michelin Man costume.
A group of junketeering bloggers filming the whole thing with their free Flip cameras.

Sometimes it seems like the wrong jobs are being lost in this country.

Cadillac CTS-V Sports Wagon - The First Burnout [jalopnik via dt wagon sr correspondent jj daddy-o]

1 Comment

Wow! I'm not sure what hack PR group put this together, but it's certainly convinced me that neither Cadillac nor Michelin is what I want to be driving in/near on the highway.

It's like an upscale hillbilly shroom-trip.
Picture a whacked-out Bubby leaning over to Jimmy-Jim-Joe-Bob and asking "Was it jus' me, or did ya'll see that sweet-Caddie-wagon doin' burnies behind dat funny dancin' Michelin Man?"

It's like "Jack Ass" with corporate sponsorship (only THEY would have run the M-Man OVER, which might have been funny).

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