November 18, 2010

Superfresh Superlicensing! Keith Haring Superbib Drops At Duane Reade


Dude, this is so sick! Just when I thought the Tommy Hilfiger rainboot mashup would go down as the Keith Haring Estate's edgiest kid-colabo of the year, they pull this out of their sleeves! Just peep these rad bibs!

80s downtown art scenester and all-around Artnet badboi Walter Robinson scored some exclu snaps from the Haring X Bumkins Superbib Colabo drop at the Duane Reade pop-up shop on...

Actually, I don't know which of the 10,000 Manhattan Duane Reade locations this is from. Maybe the one next to the bank?

Bumkins Keith Haring Waterproof Superbib, 3 Pack, $20 or so [amazon, too]
Whoa, did someone say sleeves!? Bumkins Keith Haring Sleeved Bib, $16 [amazon]

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