November 18, 2010

أنا ♥ نيويورك Onesies & T-shirts, Kid Not Included

A couple of months back, I had the great idea of copying a flyer that started appearing on lampposts in downtown Manhattan about nine years and one month ago, and silkscreening it onto Onesies and kid-sized T-shirts.


A bunch of people joined in to pre-order, and I whipped up a batch of Ana Habib NY gear [that's how you say I Love NY in Arabic, by the way, good to remember it, because even though its obviousness is the point, you will be asked what the shirt says.] using my trusty local silkscreening company,

It took a while for me to familiarize myself with the Kickstarter system [which is awesome, by the way], and last week, the last of those initial orders finally went out.


There are a few extras, which I'm making available, while supplies last. Sizes include: 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, and 18-24m Onesies, and one 3T t-shirt. They're basically at cost, $20, shipped. Just shoot me an email, and we can Paypal a deal together.

While I missed the start of the Eid festivities, if you order by Friday night, I'll hustle the gear to you via Priority Mail, and you should be able to have a sweet أنا ♥ نيويورك Onesie on the kid in time for Thanksgiving.


Got mine--well, the kiddo got his yesterday. They're nice!

Got mine and appreciate the extra! Thanks!

one to grow into...

I love New York in Arabic? LOL that's pretty creative. Since this onesie is silk-screen printed I believe the quality of the print is extremely good. But what if people don't understand Arabic and how are they going to know that it actually means I love NY?

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