May 18, 2011

Shake Shack Kid Swag


I don't go myself, but I heartily approve of the proliferation of Shake Shacks across New York City; I like to think they help bleed off a little bit of the line at the original Madison Square Park location.

And now they opened a Shake Shack in Washington, DC, and even though it means I have to eat nothing but spinach and carrots the rest of the day, I approved the hell out of that place today, too.


If my seasonally constrained Shacking means I'm late to the Onesies and kids t-shirt game, so be it; I'm on the case now, and we'll be staging burger smackdowns with the Five Guys across the street in no time.

Shake Shack onesies [$18] and kid-sized robot t-shirts [$18] are not available online. []

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