November 13, 2010

Where Do Jokey, Old Training Diapers For Expectant Fathers Come From?

Training Diaper for Expectant Fathers

I posted about this joke "Training Diaper for Expectant Fathers" when I first scored it on eBay, and it wasn't really funny then.

Recently, I saw a new product or whatever that reminded me of it, and so I pulled it out again. And guess what, the funniest thing about it is that it exists at all.

But at least we're making progress on figuring out where this thing came from. The copyright notice on the one I have looked like it said Pierce Patterson, but another example sold on etsy this summer, and the seller thought it said, St. Pierre K. Patterson. Which is close.

St. Pierre & Patterson turns out to be a novelty toy company based in North Hollywood, which made things like bobble head dolls; bathtub-shaped ashtrays; snap-together replicas of the Palomar Observatory telescope--and slightly odd flannel diapers.

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