June 8, 2006

Vintage Dirty Diaper For Training Expectant Dads


I got this vintage "training diaper for expectant fathers" on ebay a few weeks ago. And it's got a surprising level of raunch and scatological humor that I usually associated with MAD magazine, not the Ward Cleaver era.

This side has a diagram with a "geyser sector!" at the center and a "South Pole for baby boys" at the bottom flap. "For girls," the instructions continue, "pole is 'P-'Ole'"

The other side, meanwhile, has a similar "Explosive Area! buttprint in the center. And on the side flaps, it shows a couple in the wide-eyed throes of making out ["Last Year's FUN!"] on one side, and a screaming kid in a pool of piss on the other ["A lifetime of JOY!"]

I guess it's not raunchy, after all; it's just that I never really imagine people in the Fifties actually having sex. They slept in separate beds and just suddenly got pregnant, like Lucy and Ricky did. [thanks to dt reader and ebay shark Andy for tipping me off to this weird little item]

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