November 10, 2010

This Sesame Street Remix Is Brought To You By The Letters W, T & F

Although part of me thinks it'd be hilarious for you to sit down like I just did, with the kid across the table, and click on the apparently amusing Sesame Street remix these young hip-hop fellows have made, and have the first line blare out, causing you to scramble for the mute button and your kid to ask what was that they were saying? "Sesame Street, mother what?" the grownup part of me thinks I--

Oh wait, should I have said *SPOILER ALERT*?

Lil Jon Sesame Street Anthem F/Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg [youtube via the awl]

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1 Comment

"he said 'mother fungal,' honey. it's a song about a family of mushrooms. hey, let's watch cookie monster rap about the letter R again!"

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