October 25, 2010

Build The Town Posters By Ladislav Sutnar


Wow, has it really been four years and two weeks since I first posted about Czech emigre designer [and area code parentheses inventor!] Ladislav Sutnar's beautiful-but-unproduced Build The Town block set?

Well then, I'm only two weeks late in posting these two awesome, promotional posters Sutnar silkscreened for himself but never published, because the blocks set never went into production.


Hopefully, four years and two weeks from now, I'll be posting about how I scored a box of Build The Town prototypes and paraphernalia at a stoop sale in Murray Hill. Of course, that'd entail going to Murray Hill, which is pretty damn unlikely.

Ladislav Sutnar Build The Town block set silkscreen prints, 1940-43 [thisisdisplay.org via draplin]
Previously: Czech out these insane Factory Town [sic?] blocks by Ladislav Sutnar

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