October 14, 2010

Canada Declares BPA Toxic/Toxique In Two Languages

The Gouvernement Canadian Government had proposé adding BPA to the list liste of toxic substances toxique in 2008 deux mille huit. And yesterday they made it official officielle.

BPA will now be subject sujet to regulations and restrictions under CEPA 1999, some law loi that will limit limite and eventually eventuellement ban banne the use of BPA in consumer products produits consommé and whatever.

This affects us south of the border because, dude, NAFTA, just look at your Gillette disposable razor blade rasoirs jettable package! Soon enough you'll just have to start smuggling BPA-enriched baby bottles and stuff in from China. Or dollar stores.

Also on the toxic substances toxique list: C.I. Dye Red 104, which, if I remember my 3rd grade school bus rides correctly, is the main ingredient of red Sprees.

Government of Canada Takes Further Action to Protect Canadians from Risks Posed by Bisphenol A [ec.gc.ca via dt rdr s. la r.]
Final Order Adding Bisphenol A, a Substance in Batch 2 of the Challenge, to Schedule 1 to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 [chemicalsubstanceschimiques.gc.ca]

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