October 5, 2010

Mombloggers Of The Corn [Refiners Association]


DT hero and double-barreled momblogger Liz has an epic, yet constructive takedown on the Corn Refiners Association's recent giftcards-for-HFCS-propaganda tour through the mommy blogosphere.

Brands and blog tours - not always so sweet. [mom-101.com]


Do you think any of them used their gift cards to buy more HFCS?

I enjoy her rant and I'm all about going after marketing posed as science and/or objective reviews, but c'mon. The line about HFCS not being natural because there's no HFCS tree? As opposed to what? Honey trees? Sugar trees? Many marketers, corn growers, food producers, lobbyists and politicians are out to make us dumb about HFCS. We're not going to fight them effectively with dumb responses of our own. Pollan and others have done a lot of the dirty work to investigate and explain exactly why HFCS is so ubiquitous. There is plenty of brief and easy to understand literature on the topic. It doesn't take very long to explain exactly what's wrong with HFCS so let's not take the easy way out and argue that it's not "natural." The enemy will simply argue that it is natural and nobody will have learned anything.

Thanks for equating HFCS with Children of the Corn. That movie scared the crap out of me as a child. Now I have one more reason to hate HFCS.

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