September 29, 2010

Lazy Environmentalist Puts The E-C In Eco-Friendly

What's a modern treehuggin' new dad--and the author of a green lifestyle book to boot--supposed to do when confronted with the absorbent hyper-convenience of Pampers Cruisers? Josh Dorfman aka The Lazy Environmentalist, we're looking at you, buddy:

"Because we feel guilty about using disposable diapers, we've begun practicing 'elimination communication,' " Mr. Dorfman explained in an e-mail. "What this means is that we pay close attention to [5-mo] Shep to determine when he's about to pee or poop and then race to the shower so that he doesn't soil his diaper so we can use it longer. We've actually gotten pretty good at reading the signs."
Because you can never be too young to learn to pee in the shower.

update: hahaha, Joyce Wadler, how do you do it? The whole article is a rich compost pile of awesome dad-hilarity. Diapers are the secret vice in like half the stories, plus there's the CEO of Seventh Generation. But just wait till you read about the sad [not sahd] with the dome. Classic.

Green, but still feeling guilty [nyt]

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The funny thing is, with a larger family size - I just can't keep up with it. No way can I keep one eye on the 2-y/o and carry the baby, looking for signs of bowel life.

But kudos to all who can, for sure! I'll have to settle for a couple of years of disposables (can I still read the blog?).

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