September 28, 2010

Dunk The Kids In Angry White Politics With This Fine Tea Party Coloring Book!


You know, after taking a bit of heat for going all Wonkette on the latest car seat data, I have learned my lesson.

So I'll just point out that this thing exists, and if you want to find out what Wonkette says about the Tea Party Coloring Book for Tea Party Youth, you can just go to Wonkette yourself.

Tea Party Power Panel Coloring Book, $3.59 [ via wonkette]
Hmm, working both sides of the aisle: They also make a President Obama coloring book.

UPDATE: now with amusing and extensive factchecking and actual investigative reporting into the likely corporate backers of this thing, by LA Times art critic Christopher Knight!

Previously: "Democrats wish they controlled the House, just like Mommy!"
Meet your Custom Coloring Book Industrial Complex


I wouldn't think the Tea Party would want the pages colored. I thought they'd just want all white pages...

This is about as ignorant is saying only black people voted for Barack Obama. This isn't an 'angry white american movement' this is an 'concerned american movement' it's about being conservative in spending. How did we get here?

Controlling spending -- isn't that why we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Agenda much?

not nearly. but you'll see I'm not averse to ridiculing inept liberal propagandizing of kids, either.

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