September 19, 2010

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar And A Shotglass Of Ginger Ale

Barely two weeks into school, and the kid gets some kind of superstrep that requires the nastiest-tasting antibiotics this side of Bangalore.

Our pediatrician--actually, his resident, who clearly doesn't have a kid--suggested we sprinkle it on apple sauce. Almost made it sound more like cinnamon than the borax it's clearly made from.

Three days and ten doses in, after trying to cut the powder with sugar--one time I spilled the spoon and had to clean it up with the edge of my Ace Hardware card--we've finally found a method that doesn't involve melting down or throwing up. We put a teaspoon of ginger ale in a medicine cup, empty the capsule into it, add a half spoonful of sugar, and then fill it up with soda, and stir gently.

Then the kid pounds it, with a water chaser. And repeats with more shots of ginger ale until the residue is out of the cup, maybe 3-4 shots total.

And I'm watching this--and the credit card-wielding--and thinking to myself, it'd be nice if the kid, when she grows up, decides to follow the Mormon faith she's being raised in. But at least she'll be well-prepared to drink sherpas under the table of her Nepalese tavern, should the need arise.

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