September 15, 2010

Oy Vey. Jewish Silly Bandz


You call that a dreidl?

They look fine on Amazon, but at the Meshuga Bands website, I gotta say, these Jewish Silly Bandz knockoffs look kind of ghetto.

Waitaminnit, the Amazon ones are actually called "Jewish Silly Bandz" and are 24 for $6, while Meshuga Bands [with an "s"] are $5 for just 12. What a rip! [via]


Excellent bargain-hunting, Greg. Are you SURE you're not a member of the tribe?

I figure being a New Yorker makes me at least half-Jewish.

NY Magazine found the anti-semitic ones that are shaped like dollar signs!

yeah, they found them the same place the Awl did. But I didn't link to the Jewy Bands because their site was broken and looked fishy. One level of Jewish knockoffery was enough for me, I guess.

To continue Greg's fine research: I note that NOT ONLY do you get twice as many Jewish Silly Bandz per pack as Meshuga Bands, but Jewish Silly Bandz come in Shabbat, Jewish symbols, Noah's Ark and Jewish Holiday varieties. (And hey, the holiday set has a lovely lulav band -- order now.) Meshuga Bands just have six symbols total and one is a hamsa which isn't even specifically Jewish. I hesitate to throw around the word "gonifs," but...

Oh, and for what it's worth, Amazon also has Biblical Bandz, if you want your kid to wear the alef-bet on her wrist...a WAY sweeter starting-Hebrew-school gift than licking honey off a slate, ew. But if you buy the "Kosher Bandz" version you don't even get all the letters! You have to buy FOUR packs (alef-vav, zayin-lamed, mem-tzadi, koof-taf) to make up the full alef-bet! THAT IS A SHONDEH. (Also, isn't the letter "tzadi," not "tzadik"?)

In conclusion: Get "Biblical Bandz" for the Alef-Bet, "Jewish Silly Bandz" for symbols. YOU ARE WELCOME.

I'm procrastinating, can you tell?

G-d bless your awesome analysis; I'm turning your comment into flash cards for the kid right now.

hi Greg,
The bands looks awesome. BTW what is it for? Just for fun or can we use for our daily chores in the kitchen? i know my kids will live it.

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