September 8, 2010



I guess it's not uncommon for second kids, but K2 got interested in toilet training unexpectedly early. We've been taking it super low-key, letting K2 set the pace and be interested in it when she wants. But we were kind of caught off guard, and so when we first needed it one night, the only candy we had in the house for our little reward/congratulations system was M&M's. [That's what we call them, "congratulations."

Which would be fine, except they were custom-printed M&M's with pictures of the kid, which my dad had sent as a birthday party favor. As we worked our way though the little bag, I kept wondering what the unintended psychological impact might be on K2 of receiving candy with her big sister's picture on it every time she successfully went to the bathroom.

Once we really step up the pace and make using the toilet the norm and not just a hobby, I figured it'd be better for K2 to have some dedicated congratulations of her own.

So I went to the M&M's customizing website, which is ridiculously easy to use [unnecessary disclosure: my dotcom-era firm built M&M's first website, including their first webshop, where you could custom-mix colors--by ordering any single-color, 5 lb. bags you wanted.] and thought I'd order some pee and poo congratulations. Except that M&M's considers those terms inappropriate for some reason. I know, I can't figure it either.

So I scrapped the whole idea, and we'll just use off-the-shelf M&M's. But since the site was so easy to use, and there was a Labor Day weekend sale, I couldn't resist ordering some treats to congratulate my web designer friend for his recent mastery of the websafe color hex table. Look at that, there's even an M&M's ad on this page for #33d!


My M&M's - Personalized Chocolate Candy Messages []


Brilliance! I'd like a bag of M&M's that read "Finally!" for my son's potty training.

You suggested that it's "not uncommon for second kids" to get interested in potty training... but that's not how it went with my daughters. The first one decided on her own at 18 months that she was ready for big-girl panties. The other one was coming up on three before she made the switch! And I wouldn't be surprised if she's still got some pacifiers hidden away. (She's about to turn 17, but she *really* liked her paci.)

Luckily my 5 yr old is potty trained, he took to it very early with no problems. But I could see the benefit of using specialized M&Ms as bribery to lead your youngin' to the potty. Although if you could get the M&M peeps to print poop & pee, my son could get hopped up on the chocolate while endless sharing his potty humor.

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