August 6, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: Purpose Of Breastfeeding/Life Edition

Did you ever lay awake, wondering if maybe breastfeeding, and thus, all of human existence, isn't really just a big plot by Bifidobacterium longum to replicate itself, and our human infants' intestines are just its most convenient incubator?

UPDATE: Science Friday Freakout
Whohoo! BPA is back! It's in your receipts, your thermal paper, yiur recycled paper, everywhere! Cashiers and children are at risk! Thus freakout is fresh, too, just a couple of days old, but growing fast, thanks to NPR's Science Friday and Science News! stay inside and order online! []




And here I thought the whole purpose of life and breastfeeding was to eventually give us UMA! (insert you picture of Uma here)

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