July 12, 2010

Quick, To The Wary Meyers Machine!


Look, I know that breathing leaded gas fumes has resulted in an entire generation of Americans who see nothing wrong with taking their parents to job interviews 1. But that doesn't mean we should throw groovy vans themselves into the dustbins of history.

Please tell me that the Wary Meyers van ferrying the Linda Meyers' newest plush character creations, Keith Kustard and Macaron through the wilds of the Florida Keys, is real, and not just part of this awesome, archival-quality print.

And that there's a quiet, thriving subculture out there, retrofitting these gas-guzzling love machines with LATCH anchors and biodiesels. Old maxivans are the new minivans!

Keith Kustard and Macaron [warymeyers]
Meyers' soft sculptures and prints are on view at Rainbowlogical, a show at Portland, ME's premier surf shop/gallery, Corduroy Boutique, through July 31 [corduroyboutique.com]

Dad Van or Rad Van? The Mercedes Sprinter CDi
Meddling Kids Not Included: Mystery Machine Tribute Van
'A New Set Of Adult Toys': Vintage Van Ads

1 or maybe it's a generation of parents who see nothing wrong with accompanying their kids on job interviews.

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