June 28, 2010

Metafilter Answers: Before There Were Car Seats

A very amusing discussion on Ask Metafilter about how kids rode in cars before there were safety regulations or car seats. Or seat belts. I'd find it more awesome if ANY of the many ingenious-but-deadly inventions featured on DT over the years had made it into the mix, but there you go.


And here you go, a sampling, chosen from memory/at random:

Rather than mope, I guess I should start an Ask Daddy Types.

I can remember lying down in the back of station wagons and pickup trucks, but what did we do in the VW? [ask.metafilter.com]

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The answer to the question "What did we do in the VW?" is SO easy: Behind the seat of the Beetle was a deep rectangular pit which some claimed was for luggage. It wasn't -- it was where the kid(s) rode. I remember it well -- there was nothing like the reassuring hum of a four cylinder engine to soothe one off to sleep.

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