June 11, 2010

High, Higher, Highest Chairs

While looking at something else in their inventory, I realized Modern One may just have the high-designiest high chairs in all of Los Angeles, with vintage high chairs for every budget [that includes at least $1,100 for a high chair]:

First up, at that lowly price point, an early bentwood classic by Thonet:


The real eye-popper here was this pair of 1980s-era, post-modern high chairs by New England woodworker Alphonse Mattia. They're made from two high-contrast hardwoods: curly maple [light] and shedua [dark], and they are officially off da hook.


For just one low price of $6,500, you not only get two insane high chairs in spectacular condition, you get the power to definitively shut down any arguments about how no one has ever been as design-obsessed as The Parents These Days.

And finally, the Klaarhammer de Stijl high chair was designed in the early 20th century by Gerrit Rietveld, and produced several times over the decades since. This version is almost certainly a contemporary version, probably from no earlier than the 1960s. And the asking price is $14,500. Which is almost exactly 12x the price a similar Klaarhammer sold for in 2005. So ye-ow. A bold move for a bold chair:


I think I'd better stop there; a couple more of these, and Huffington Post will rip the whole thing off and turn it into a "The 10 Most Outrageous High Chairs!" slideshow.

Modern One's storefront at 1st Dibs [1stdibs.com]
High Chairs | Alphonse Mattia [alphonsemattia.com]

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