April 16, 2010

Make One, Drop One. Need One? Take One. The Toy Society's Toy Drop Program


The Toy Society leaves little homemade toys in public for ye random other folks to take home. The toys have a little, "Take me home! Just spreadin' joy!" message and the URL of their blog, where "Found!" stories are logged in, wheresgeorge.com-style.

According to Design Mom's comments, ladies think this concept is: 50% awesome, adorable, inspiring; 40% even better than leaving homebaked pies on a friend's doorstep; 5% health concerns; and 5% laced with cocaine.

That last one is in LA.

The Toy Society [designmom.com]
ex: "Drop #975 has been found!" [thetoysociety]

1 Comment

at first, I thought you were kidding. Oh, Daddytypes, he's so funny. And then I read the comments..... people are seriously paranoid and totally nuts! Cocaine-laced! come-on!
And I'm not just saying this because I personally have already dropped 4 toys....

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