March 16, 2010

Knitscape 2.0


Wait, 1978? Didn't we just come through the craftiest era since the invention of macrame? Why has no one knitted an awesome landscape play blanket for a kid born in the 21st century? Which would mean updating it, by knitting, say, a mall parking lot, or a soccer field, or an urban street/park/vacant lot setup, instead of a Shropshire farm or whatever.

I'm guessing that since the first generation of cap-knitting snowboarders are now becoming dads, this noble task falls to you. Also, if you asked grandma to do it, she would laugh in your face.

Pictures big enough to count the stitches: Knitted Landscapes [wary meyers]


You'll be happy to know that the knitted landscape is alive and well: Knitting books of this type are among our bestsellers

And if you want to modernize it, I've heard of some reconfigured Muji blocks that might work well, now that Detroit is going back to farmland

I'm afraid I can't help you with that handsome landscape sweater--my wife's the knitter in the family.

i'll get the wife right on it.

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