February 23, 2010

Encore Disponible! OG Citroen CX Diesel Wagon, Now On The West Coast


When we last saw our heroically rare, low-miles, three-row 1981 Citroen CX diesel station wagon in December, it was on eBay in Florida. And we mourned, because it had sold so quickly, thanks to the seemingly low Buy-It-Now price of just $9500.

And seriously, when would such an incredible, oddball of a family car ever find its way to the US market again? Would you guess about 10 weeks later?

The car is featured today on Jalopnik's Nice Price or Crack Pipe? with a tasty markup--$13,000--that you must admit, does look rather crackish.


On the other hand, the car is now in Portland, with about 6,000 more miles on the clock. Which could very well mean that the eBay buyer proved that this bateau magnifique de famille could cross the entire country, deTocqueville-style, and still make two months' worth of Trader Joe's runs, all without blowing a globe.

And confidence like that's gotta be worth something, right?

Feed Your Inner Surrender Monkey for $13,000? [jalopnik via dt sr wagon correspondent, jj daddy-o]
Rare in the US: 1981 Citroen CX diesel wagon - $13000 (NE Portland) [seattle.craigslist.org, also cached at gawker]
Previously: Pas Disponible! Citroen CX Wagon Diesel in the US!


I have to say, it looks a little like a hearse.

But then again, I have an Irish viewpoint.

The CX break was in fact also used as a hearse and an ambulance car (amongst lots of other purposes).

To find out more check this one (not in Frogspeak)

In case you are interested in the family version, make sure you look for the FAMILIALE version of the CX break. There is also the „normal“ break (looking exactly the same from the outside, but missing the extra seatrow), which seats only 5 passengers, but then with loads of trunk space. Which is obviously the problem with the familiale: lots of passengers, close to zero space for the baggage.

I owned a beautiful „normal“ CX last summer in black with black leather interiour, and can only agree with the linked article from Nice Price or Crack Pipe?... the suspension is unparalleled (riding a BMW 7 right now), as is the steering. But this all stems from those little pressurized globes which are scattered all over the car (not only in the engine compartment). And in some of these places they are far away from easy reach. So even though the globes themselves arent too expensive, it might cost you (at least time) to get hold of them. So better check that all of them are working.

And keep in mind that this car was built from 1974 to 1991 (with an overhoul in the 80s). So its rather state of the art 1975, even if you buy a 1990 model.

But in all, I'm missing mine and would buy one again!

This car now has a home in California again,it is going thru. some extensive repairs.It was in clean shape but needed transmission & clutch repairs plus steering problems.

I would like to hear from some if not all of the previous owners.


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