February 17, 2010

Playhouse Modern: Emerson House By Brinca Dada


From the twittering sound of things, I am the only dadblogger who didn't make it to Toy Fair 2010 this year. So I'll have to wait to see the Emerson, a new modernist dollhouse by brinca dada [that's day-duh, btw] in person somewhere after it comes out this spring.

My first impression was that it looked like some of the stone & glass houses by the late Hamptons modernist Norman Jaffe. [Actually, my first impression was that now kids will have a place to re-enact all the photos from Unhappy Hipsters. But then I realized you'd have to find some other hipster dolls; the articulated artist model/alien family brinca dada's putting out is too awesomely weird for Dwellian ennui.]


But looking through the press material, I see that Tim Boyle, the architect who designed Emerson, cites Neutra's Kaufman house and A. Quincy Jones's Gary Cooper house as inspirations. I also see that Boyle's co-founder Doug Rollins is a toy- and startup guy I used to know from church. And just like that, membership in the Mormon Modernist Mafia has doubled, from one to two.

Brinca dada says the Emerson will be $299 when it launches this spring. [brincadada.com via fanboy, thanks dt reader marjorie]


Awesome. Simply beautiful. If I had a little girl (or if my son liked to play dolls) I'd jump on this in a heart beat. I instantly thought "Neutra - Kaufman House".

That said, I think little dolls made out of twisted wire or dark bronze coloured Sculpey Clay, ala Alberto Giacometti would be just the ticket in this mini pad.

ha, that is an awesome idea. Existentialist Gumby family, coming right up!

Tim is our bishop here in NYC. He is a great guy and quite talented as well. He also designed this print for a youth fundraiser.


that's three!

also, sweet poster. though I wish he hadn't rubbed out our apartment.

Finally an answer to Sirch's $400 modern play house!

Giving David Weeks a run for his money when it comes to articulated wooden figurines for hipsters. The renderings of the house make me think I should just change the scale on my drawings and viola, whole new marketing strategy.

dude, you're living in the past. Sirch's Villa Sibi hasn't been $400 for years. It's now $850. Plus, they're making a point that it's a dollhouse for actual playing, unlike the Sirch.

So the comparables are more likely the much-less-elaborate dollhouse from Plan Toys ($175) and the awesome Momoll slot-together ply dollhouse ($320).

Hey! I remember this from ebay...
Item number: 220525711351


Skip the dollhouse, just buy the inspiration!

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