February 8, 2010

This All Goes Down On Your Permanent Google Record

There were a lot of manly man ads and daddish and baby birthin' ads in the Superbowl last night, but none that beat Google's punchline.

Eventually, though, Google will probably start suggesting you put that extra cookie back, and then--if not before--it'll get a little creepy.


This was one of the only ads I liked this year. All the rest were so boring!

I totally missed this one on the night of, and am embarrassed to admit that watching it just now? Made me feel a little teary. Well done to Google for not producing yet another stupid commercial with awful gender stereotypes.

Thanks for not making me watch the entire superbowl just to see that adorable ad.

I wonder why this version has an AA flight when the version that aired had a Delta flight (that, judging by the flight number, was probably actually an Air France flight with a Delta codeshare number).

Nice, one of the best.

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