February 1, 2010

Anorak iPhone App For Kids


The awesome kids magazine Anorak is published in the UK, and the positively colonial exchange rate and the fact that they have to fly copies over on the Concorde means it's too expensive to buy regularly in the US.

Now, though, even the poorest Yank can give his kid a taste of Anorak's high-design fun, thanks to their new iPhone App. Like every other app in the world, it is 99 cents, and it's worth every penny and several more.

Anorak is a kid-distraction app and offers a selection of nicely illustrated little book/articles to read; a few nice-looking, simple little games to play; some nice, little line drawings to color in, Brushes-style, with a finger; and wow, a lot of little beeps and birdchirps. Where are the settings? There are none. Turn down your speaker first.

So yes, nice and goodlooking are the operative terms, like the mag itself. Unlike the magazine, though, where the words and pictures fit on the page, Anorak's app pages sometimes require like two lines of scrolling. Maybe they built it to the metric system? Just can't wait for the iPad? Whatever, it's your kid's problem now, let her figure it out.

Anorak Magazine iPhone app [anorak-magazine.co.uk]

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Uh, Concorde stopped flying in 2003....

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