January 29, 2010

'Maybe naming him Rimbaud wasn't such a good idea.'


If you haven't checked out Unhappy Hipsters, just get over there right now. And if you have, go back, because the supply of depressingly awesome captions for Dwell Magazine photos is apparently endless.


Curse my modernist tendencies.
Is it wrong that I LOVE sooooo many of those pix. Far more so than the comments. The one about the pants and sack dress was quite good though.

my neighbors spent all day yesterday at the top of that site, the ones reading and sleeping in bed. ouch.

It's not quite like finding your kid's photo used as a lead poisoning posterchild, but it does have to suck.

First, this site is an awesome parody of Dwell's "house style" of photography, which has gotten pretty darn monotonous lately and over-absorbed in the inhabitants' sense of ennui.

Second, it made me realize how much happier Julius Schulman made the equally-posed inhabitants of his photos of LA case study homes in the mid-20th century.

Lastly, it made me think of Thom Anderson's indictment of Hollywood's characterization of modern homes as sites of evil-doing in the amazing and underseen documentary "Los Angeles Plays Itself." What is Dwell's investment in making modernist-inspired architecture look alienating? One hopes this gets on the radar of their art director.

that was such a fantastic movie. even though there's no point, since it'll never come out, it was one of the first things I put on my netflix saved list.

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