January 29, 2010

Just Some Princess And Some Frog Necklaces Recalled For Toxic Cadmium


FAF Inc. of Greenville, RI has charmed generations of children with their magical animated storytelling, their pioneering theme parks, and their unparalleled merchandise.

In just a few short years, they created one of the most powerful little girl brands, FAF Princesses, and turned it into a $4 billion/year juggernaut. Just last month, FAF took the revolutionary step of introducing their first full-length feature with an African American FAF Princess, The Princess And The Frog.

The success of both FAF's film and its tie-in merchandise can be seen in the impressive sales volume of FAF Princess Tiana jewelry at Wal-Mart stores across the country: 55,000 units in less than three months.

So it comes as quite a shock when a brand as beloved by families as FAF is the subject of a recall, but whaddya know, that $5 Wal-Mart jewelry turns out to be made with highly toxic cadmium. If you can't trust FAF, Inc., who can you trust?

Seriously, not a single D-word mentioned: FAF Inc. Recalls Children's Necklaces Sold Exclusively at Walmart Stores Due to High Levels of Cadmium [cpsc]

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They look like a nice couple of frog necklaces

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