January 25, 2010

Swiss-Style Stroller License Plates


The problem I've found with stroller accessorizing: it just doesn't work. I'd wanted to do little stroller-sized bumper stickers at one point, but only the fugliest car seat carriers had enough surface area.

I'd wanted to do stroller license plates, too, but they just never looked right. One problem was being stuck in the US license plate paradigm. The now-obvious solution to that is the Kinderwagenschild, which are based on the much cooler Swiss license plate design. [As long as you don't look at the fonts.]

The other problem is, there just aren't many good places to put a stroller license plate, as the awful gallery at Kinderwagenschild proves. This Bugaboo placement is as good as it's gonna get, people.


Kinderwagnschild.ch [kinderwagenschild.ch via swiss-miss thanks dt reader nelson]


... and 40 verdammt Euros, too!

We bought a Namenschild (sp?) in Germany (well, two - one in his real name, one in his nickname) for #1. I had intended to put it on his Cameleon, but never got around to it. Nor have we hung them up at home, as intended. Ooops. I guess when we're back in Germany in a few months we can buy one for #2 and forget to hang it up, too.

Or you can roll like us:


Really what we need are appropriate-sized patches to put over stroller logos and brand names.

When we first got our Frog, I really wanted to get something to put over the Bugaboo logo on the canopy, but never found anything the right size or with the appropriate message. I considered a skull and crossbones at one point, but we're just not sufficiently bad-ass to pull that off. And I couldn't find a decent peace sign. Plus I suck at sewing.

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