The German auction house Quittenbaum has a design sale coming up in a couple of weeks, February 9th, which includes some classic pieces of vintage kids design and a couple of oddities:


Lot 90: First up, the classic Schaukelwagen convertible rocker-car designed by Hans Brockhage and Erwin Andra in 1950, which has rocked across DT's pages before. This example looks like it's rocked even further; it's pretty beat. EUR800


Estimates for everything seem expensive, but at EUR400, Lot 91 , a random, unidentified German Kinderschaukel [aka child's rocker] from the 1950s seems especially steep.


Lot 190 looks like a pretty good example of Kristian Vedel's molded ply kid's chair/desk. But seriously, EUR900? Hasn't the modern reissue brought the vintage prices down at all?


Lot 199: A Schaukelpferd? Really? Walter Papst's 1958 rocking horse was one of the first fiberglass toys. Let the purists who refuse to buy the limited edition reissue duke it out for this one. EUR800.


Lot 308: And speaking of Pferd, both the Renate Mueller pony on the left and Lot 374, the Seehund, have estimates of EUR600. If Andy Spade's not on the phone, they may go lower. I've never seen a horse like that before.


And saving my favorite for last: Lot 360 is a 1970s kids' table and two chairs from Merkur, a Dutch manufacturer. It says it's adjustable, but seriously, how else would you build it? I think all those drill holes are just for storing crayons. EUR600.

Auction: 088A - Design, 09.02.2010 - München []

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