December 14, 2009

A Very Special Monday Mommy Mailbag

So what vital information do publicists have for you parents/ladies?

Toys"R"Us Helps Take The Worry Out of Holiday Shopping for Moms With its Annual Toy Guide for Differently-abled Kids
Last-minute holiday season can be stressful for moms, and particularly so for those shopping for a child with special needs.
Meanwhile, for dads, it's just a matter of choosing between the 16Gb or 32Gb iPod Touch and showing up on Christmas Eve to build the scooter. Also, call me Slightly-confused, but doesn't "Differently-abled" seem Punctuationally-challenged to you? [via publicist]


Dear Greg,

Season's Greetings to all Mom, Dad [!!] and Baby retailers, distributors, and consumers!
International Distribution Opportunities Available
The Mommy Hook
If you're an international distributor and looking for a great baby/mom product [...] from the USA, please check out the international best-selling and original Mommy Hook. [??]

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The Mommy Hook (which we own) has become a running gag in our house as my husband totes our two kids around town while I'm at work. The 5-year-old has been successfully convinced to call it the "Parent Hook" although that sounds more like something they use to pull us offstage.

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