November 27, 2009

'Children Don't Know What A Tauntaun Is.'

tauntaun_sleepingbag_prod.jpgRob Walker writes about ThinkGeek's awesome Tauntaun sleeping bag for the NY Times Magazine. I guess sometimes being blatantly targeted for your own childhood memories isn't so bad after all:

The actual bag is adult-size. Parents, Liotta says, are the real audience for what looks like a kids' product; children are into the Clone Wars era of "Star Wars" movies and don't know what a Tauntaun is. Only one child in a ThinkGeek promo video that re-enacts the scene had even heard of "The Empire Strikes Back." "It's going to be the parent saying, 'You need this, because this is really awesome,' " Liotta says. " 'And, by the way, "Empire Strikes Back" is the best Star Wars movie, ever.' "
Sleeping Gag [nyt]

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I saw that in Gameinformer magazine! Thought it was so cool :-)

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