November 20, 2009

Whoa, The Awesome Leander Crib Is Available In The US!


I was just surfing through Inhabitots, thinking to myself, "Day-um, I sure don't cover the emergence of every single piece of shiny, new eco-blahblahblah baby gear like I used to," when I saw that the Leander Crib/ Toddler Bed/ Kids Bed, Denmark's awesomest, molded ply, 5-way convertible masterpiece, is now available in the US! I've been watching and waiting for this since 2005! When did this happen?

Well, I did some digging, and according to this Jan. 2009 comment left by fellow Leander fan Marie on, uh,, [like I said, haven't been hound doggin' the gear lately] Natart Juvenile, a traditional nursery furniture manufacturer based in Quebec, signed a North American distribution deal with Leander this year and began importing the Danish-made beds in April.


The Leander collection, which also includes the popular [in Denmark] Leander Cradle, is being handled by Natart's modern nursery furniture division, Tulip ["Today's Urban Lifestyle Inspired Products"], which is not to be confused with Aldi, the company's value nursery division [""] It's sold by special order through Natart retailers. BuybuyBaby's on the list, but my favorite has to be L'il Deb-n-Heir in Naperville, Illinois. Say it out loud a few times for fun.

At $1,650, the Leander is a mighty pricey option, but seriously? screw the "But it becomes a daybed!" nonsense. The Leander keeps right on converting into newer and bigger beds the kid can actually use right up until boarding school or Bolletieri's tennis camp, or wherever you ship kids when they turn seven.

Find retailers for the Leander crib &c. via Tulip Juvenile [ via daddytypes]
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in the spirit of shameless self advertising, i am currently selling the leander cradle on ebay. local pickup in NYC area only because those stand legs are long and very annoying to ship as i found out when i ordered it from the UK. i love this bed to and so happy to see americans finally getting access to more of Europe sweet designs. anyway, just wanted to let people know in case someone really loves leander and missed the auction....ends in 2 days or so.

I've been researching the Leander Crib for a few months and even considered taking a road trip Quebec to pick one up. Anyone interested in getting together for a group purchase - maybe get a discount and free shipping from someone local?

Hello, I'm the official distributor of Leander in North America. Yes the product is finally available and meets all US and Canadian safety standards. The retail price in US is 1499$ and includes: crib, oval mattress, two sheets, conversion wooden rails for future bigger bed and bigger mattress for junior bed. For more informations please visit us at or contact us at 819-364-3189. Thank you for your interest and don't be afraid to contact us for more infos.

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