November 15, 2009

Take Me To Your Little Brother's Homemade Spaceship On Etsy


Ah, what are older brothers for? For selling the insane flying saucer playhouse your dad or whoever spent 8 months straight building for you on Etsy for ten grand, that's what.

The one with the removable dome, the reclining seats, the movable control panels, and custom-made space ladder. The one that's "about the size of a mid-sized car," which can fit "in most garages," which sleeps four adults, and which could probably fit in the back of a truck, or just get a Uhaul for the day and head on down to Georgia.


I don't know, man, it looks like a pretty tight squeeze.

Handmade One Of A Kind Life Sized Wooden Painted Space Ship, $9,997 on Mangopork's Etsy [etsy via dt reader mimi]


Does that kid have a plastic alien balloon face over his head?

I photoshopped that. Thought it looked better than the blurred out face in the original. As America's youngest spaceship pilot, his identity must remain a secret.

i would like plans to this structure. I am willing to pay 100.00 for plans to this structure.

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