November 9, 2009

And An Etsy Tumbled By, With A Private Boat Cradle For Max...


...or whoever's parents shell out $2,200-3,200 for the incredible cypress and mahogany masterpiece by Warren Jordan of Beaver Boatworks, which converts into a rocker or a wagon, which is good, because your kid will sail in and out of this cradle in a few weeks and definitely in less than a year.


Baby Tender Rocking Cradle, $2,200-3,200 to buy or to order by Beaver Boatworks [ via dt reader alexea]
custom-fitted boat-shaped bedding set, $225
wagon conversion kit, $300


ok, maybe a little pricey, but nice nonetheless.

Check out my Max and Moishe halloween costumes for my boys.

Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I make these boats. Warren Jordan designed them but I build them.
Thanks for the interest!
Amy VanDerLee

Where can we get one??? I email the etsy shop and haven't gotten any response.

Kate, I don't know if you are still looking, but I am a boat builder and am within a few weeks of finishing one of these. If you are interested, you can reach me at

Hi Amy,

I found you through a blog site about baby boat cradles. I love the picture and desperately would like to buy one. I have tried to go to beaver boat works on the etsy website without any response. Are you still making these adorable cradles???

Thank you!


no Amys here, Jenna.

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