November 8, 2009

As Finally Seen On TV

"I just saw the bestest thing ever on TV, and it's only $19.95!"

When the kid comes bouncing in to tell me this, barely able to control her excitement, a lot of thoughts pile up in my mind: we certainly managed to protect her from rampant consumerism. Until now, anyway. And now she's a defenseless deer in the marketers' headlights. We have failed her. Kid really needs to see more commercials. I'm sure PBS Sprout will be happy to help with this important educational milestone.

In case you're wondering, "it" also "makes 18 brownies!" and "we have to get one!"


Man, knives are so hard to operate. And Math is hard.

I'm sure if they advertised Ginsu knives on Sprout, I'd be hearing all about it.

uh, could be worse: she could be asking you about erectile dysfunction...

A few months back my son came to me and asked how many credit cards we had. I told him that we had 2, and he looked crestfallen because the man on TV could only help us if we had 18 or more.

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