November 3, 2009

A Is For Anvil: Spectacular Dutch Childrens Books Online


Het ABC voor Holland's Kleintjes met 156 Plaatjes, by Daan Hoeksema, 1923

Bibliodyssey's found another incredible trove of vintage children's books, this time at The Memory of The Netherlands. The digitized collections of libraries and institutions spanning 160 years--including full books--are all brought into one online spot.

PK has an excellent selection of covers, including Daan Hoeksema's ABC book. [Does Dutch have 130 extra letters? No wonder it's so hard to learn.]


Then there's Gouden Vlinders/ Golden Butterfly, a 1923 book of poems by S. Franke with de Stijl-influenced illustrations by Lou Loeber [above] and a book about Aajpes-land by the classic modernist toymaking collective Ajo--that looks, unfortunately, like some of the racist caricatures of Africans you'd recognize from old Looney Tunes. Give it a few more years, though, and the fat, white chickens of Kippen-land will look vaguely offensive, too.

Dutch Covers [bibliodyssey]
The Memory of The Netherlands []

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