November 2, 2009

Vat Do Ve Sink Of Dese Strumpfhose Tights For Boys?


Runners wear them, all those UnderArmour guys wear them, skiers wear them, dancers wear them, Spiderman wears them, and according to Laura, an expat American mom of a 4-yo boy, every boy in Germany wears them.

So what's the big deal with tights for boys, such as these Cars Strumpfhose, just EUR7.95 from H&M? []
tights for boys [baroque babies]


My Icelandic cousins have their boys in tights all the time because of the weather. They wear them around the house or under their pants. Maybe it's the same reason? They totally overdress their kids, which I think is funny because it seems that we can handle the cold better than they can!

But what do they wear them with? A skirt? Uggs? Codpiece?

They wear pants over them generally. We just call them long underwear and make them waffley to ensure our boys know these are not those things girls wear.

The lengths our society has gone to to differentiate the genders is amazing some times. I'm surprised that when women started wearing pants, we didn't come up with a new name for men's pants so that they wouldn't become tainted by being womens' clothing.

Yep, they just wear them under their pants here in Germany. Although as soon as my son gets home from kindergarten (preschool) he loves to run around in just the stumpfhose. ("mama, can I please just wear my tights?!") I suppose they are just comfortable! p.s. there is also great over-dressing of kids in Germany, I only have my boys wear the strumpfhose when it's freezing and/or we will be outside for awhile.

Are they called Strumpfhose because they're Smurfpants?

Laura, when we lived in Germany, I almost felt negligent for not having my son in layers of snowsuits, mittens, scarves, etc. The sideways looks I'd get! Usually, when I explained that we are Canadian and accustomed to much colder weather, I would be cut some slack.

Now, as for the indoor temperatures: We were there in September, and being in the 3rd trimester, I was already warm. My in-laws kept the house at about 24C, and made sure to keep doors and windows closed around me so I wouldn't catch a draft. Ack!

I would like, though, to get a pram duvet for this baby... Wish I'd bought one while we were there.

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