October 29, 2009

Ex Thinkgeek, Star Trek Baby Nerdia


Stardate 63293.1

We have come across Star Trek Onesies at Thinkgeek, which show signs that the Gerber Childrenswear Company has apparently abandoned its claim on the Onesie copyright on this M-Class planet.

The Starfleet Academy cadet Onesie shows the pre-2372 logo with the gramatically corrected latin motto ["Ex Astris, Scientia"], which locates its design as after 2368, when TNG: The First Duty took place, and which featured the infamous "Ex Astra, Scientia" logo.

Admiral Doctorow noted on BoingBoing-9, the red Onesies are for expendable babies who won't last an entire episode. And I would add that the blue Onesies are cut very short, for the sexy yeoman/nurse babies.

Star Trek Uniform Onesies, $16 [thinkgeek.com]


Couldn't help commenting on the sheer awesomeness of star trek onsies! :-)

FYI - None the pics come through on your RSS feed. at least for me in google reader.


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