October 20, 2009

Show Me Your Monday Mommy Mailbags!

Monday Mommy Marketing Mailbag? Ha, I've still got tabs open for the Friday Freakout I missed. But it's not every day I get an email about an absolutely "New 'must-have' product for moms!" so I had to spring into action:


It's Moboleez for the Jumblies! Ladies, are you "Looking for a fun alternative to a nursign cover? Try a breastfeeding hat!" You can order a Moboleez breastfeeding hat online, or I see from their Twitter feed, they are now available at Lactation Services of The Permian Basin! [via publicist]

Then there was this:

Mom-Friendly Handbags:

Hi there,

Who says moms can't carry diapers, bottles AND lip stick in style?

Not Me! Finally, someone's taking a stand against the sexist oppressors of Big Handbag.


maybe I just had crazy kids but as soon as they were able to grasp things they would have been snatching at this hat and waving it around...subtle.

No, that's exactly what I thought, too. Plus, the woman in the red jacket's expression sums up what I think about putting a sombrero on my baby to hide behind while we nurse.

That fucking hat just looks like one giant breast. An asymmetrical cyclopian chestal area. With a baby pinned underneath.

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