October 13, 2009

Don't Throw Rama From The Train

A 30-year old woman suddenly gave birth in the toilet on a train in northeast India, and the baby fell down the chute, out the trapdoor, and onto the tracks. So the mother raced out of the bathroom and jumped off the train in the dark to search for the kid. Either the dad or some random pakora vendor pulled the emergency brake, and the train slowed to a halt a kilometer or so down the track. They eventually found the mom and the baby, both of whom were doing just fine.

Because, hello, the train was only moving 15kmph. Also, the toilet empties right onto the tracks. Also, seriously, does this happen all the time in India? What is up with this Telegraph headline?

Incredible cycle of birth, fall and survival [telegraphindia.com via cbc]


yes.... apparently so. I remember reading about a similar delivery aboard a train, but with a PRETERM infant that survived. Hardy stock. I would probably die of an epidural bleed from tripping on my shoelace. Holy cow... 15km/h???

The toilets on the trains in Turkey emptied right onto the track. Squat toilet like you find in Japan or Korea. Very frightening in the middle of the night when the train is moving quickly but you just got to go.

My question is though did she not even realize she was in labor? Did the placenta come shooting right out with the baby? Okay I'm starting to gross myself out but lots of questions.

Why is this woman giving birth in the toilet? Doesn't she see the tracks going by? What the H?

Actually, many American trains empty their *AHEM* unwanted cargo onto the tracks. I think it just goes into some kind of holding tank first, and then they dump it when they are outside of cities, railroad crossings, etc. Good advice for you train-toilet delivering moms out there. Don't jump off the train! He's in the holding tank!

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