October 10, 2009

Ordering Off The Secret Menu: The Ikea Leopard High Chair


Double Double protein style, with well-done, animal style fries, please!

The curator of the Pram Museum emailed the other day with news of a freaky high chair sighting at her local Ikea in Conshohocken, PA: curvy plastic base in black or white, pop-in seat in red, black, white or transparent smoke [!], plus a detachable tray, all for $60 [additional seats are $20].

She didn't have a picture, though, and there was nothing turning up on any Ikea website anywhere in the world that we could find. So I hoofed it out to Ikea myself, and sure enough, they had just unpacked their shipment.

Of Leopard High Chairs.


They look kind of awesome in their own Zero-G way. And if you have the inclination--and the space--for a space-age chair on the cheap that doesn't fold down, store, or adapt to any obvious re-use after the kid grows out of the [frankly, slightly smallish] seat, then hotfoot it out to your Ikea, too. Something tells me if these things ever do make it onto the website, they will not be available for shipping.


It's coolest with the black base and the red seat. (It didn't surprise me that the black base is selling a whole lot faster. Yep, was back again yesterday.)

The transparent seat in the black frame would look seriously Stealth-like. I almost assembled one in the warehouse, but chickened out. Obviously I have my limits as a tipster. Good thing DT's intrepid.

I'll take mine with a Neapolitan shake.

No obvious re-use? That thing has "cumbersome but interesting umbrella stand" written all over it, c'mon! (Sorry, just practicing up on the excuses for next time we're in IKEA and they have these things in stock)

What is up with the still terrible Ikea website? They launched that thing years ago and have made no improvements and still offer only a handful of items for shipping. Get with the 21st century please Ikea you're our only hope.

No improvements?!? I heard they changed the font recently...

does this look like a design blog townhall meeting to you? don't bring your typeface teabagging riots 'round here, padre.

I work at IKEA and we just got this in this morning (Nov. 4, 2009) and I was the first one to see it. I usually don't stock the shelves (I'm a forklift driver) but this morning we were so short that drivers were stocking shelves.

I think it's meant to be that I saw this because we're actually looking for a highchair and we were decided to go with this $250 highchair from PegPerego. We were going to buy it.

Needless to say that we didn't get PegPerego. We bought this one and I seriously think this is better than those expensive highchairs. With this I feel more secure because it's all one piece and it's hard plastic. No legs will break. I really like the fact that it's round base. And the seat belt. The seat belt is cool because it's holding the baby's thighs and not around the belly. That way, the baby can't stand up and eventually fall.

I have pictures here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v399/intoksicated/leopard/

My baby was so happy. We're very happy too!

Here's the slideshow for easier viewing of the pictures:


Really cool highchair!!!


Could you please contact me, I have a qustion about the chair. I come from Sweden and bought one. Thank you!

Of course...

Ikea recall: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_GB/about_ikea/press/product_recalls/index.html

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