October 1, 2009

'Good Work, Sycophants'

With this Mad Men segment where Muppets sit around a boardroom and discuss advertising, Sesame Street has finally come full circle:

The Children's Television Workshop's original 1968 pitch reel included an ongoing gag with a bunch of Muppet admen sitting around a smoke-filled boardroom trying to come up with the name for the new show.

Their last and best suggestion: "Hey, Stupid!" [because the audience can't read or write, get it?] is a Forbidden Muppet Catchphrase classic. Seriously. Muppets and cigarettes, available on Sesame Street Old School, vol. 1.

Buy Sesame Street - Old School, Vol. 1 (1969-1974) [amazon]
found via Kevin Guilfoile's Twitter

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