September 29, 2009

The Night Max's Dad Wore His Wolf Suit

And made colabo mischief of one kind:


and another:


Someone in licensing needs to get sent to bed without eating anything.

WTWTA WTF?: Where The Wild Things Are X Opening Ceremony: Max Sweatshirt, $460, Max Suit, $610 [ via the awl]

Related Update:
Where The Wild Things Are things are: Space 15 Twenty opens a WTWTA Pop-up shop in LA [kitsunenoir via, um, some hipster trendchasing website I can't remember]


Silly. Just silly.

Before 3 months ago, my wife had never heard of this book (she grew up out of the states). The first time I read it to my son, she was bad-mouthing the story, saying things like 'This is real appropriate for our son'. I kept on telling her just wait until the end. Now it's one of her favorites, it's read 2-3 times a week at bed time, and she just can't wait for this movie to come out! Funny how things work, you know?

That isn't even close to the most rediculous "outfit" on that website. How about the "fitted dress," which is a fun fur sheath, or the "full skirt," which is a fun fur skirt. I'm so over this movie.

really? are you going to post something on here like, this is so rediculous, how about your rediculous. obviously people like the movie and these people are trying to make their customers happy and at the same time make a living, so why dont you shut the hell up

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