September 29, 2009

Overpainted Kid Photos By Gerhard Richter


I've been surfing through the 566 overpainted photographs on Gerhard Richter's website for another project. I'm up to around #160; they're arranged chronologically, and in early 1998, snapshots of Richter's kids and his wife Sabine start popping up. It's kind of sweet.


Here's one baby photo done two ways, a few months apart. And more starting here, around #220/566 in 1999.

For full-size images and more from the series--and 549 other painted photos--head to


Seeing Atlas in 1997 was one of the highlights of my life.

that was a truly amazing show. I never felt so slack. These photos are duplicates or outtakes from the day's Atlas entries, which Richter paints at the end of the day, with whatever materials he was using in the studio.

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