September 18, 2009

Prisunic Fiberglass Kid Furniture? Peut Etre!


There's apparently no marking on any of them, and I can't find any identical models in any catalogues, but the seller of these three pieces of vintage fiberglass kids furniture sourced from a local preschool says they are "surement edité par prisunic."

If that's true, they're probably by either Marc Held or Marc Berthier. If not, then maybe they're Vico Magistretti, or--horreur!--maybe even a knockoff of some kind.

The one thing I'm sure of: it'd be an expensive bear to get this stuff shipped out of France from here. And that's IF you can even pay for it; pas de Paypal, mon ami!

The yellow armchair, orange chair, and the table each have an opening bid of EUR10. Auctions end Sept. 25. [ebay]

1 Comment

So nice! confirmatable! it would be better if the price was affordable...

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