June 11, 2008

Mathieu Mategot Kids Chairs, S'il Vous Plait


Mathier Mategot was the other mid-century designer, the one who wasn't Corbusier, Perriand, or Prouve. Left Bank interior designer Florence Lopez put these sweet 1950's painted iron kids chairs ["inspired by Mathieu Mategot"] in the window of Luco, her local neighborhood chic-peasant-wear-for-children shop.


"Inspired by" sets off the Encyclopedia Brown in me [also the haggler], so I started digging. Turns out Little Paris Antiques on La Brea goes a step further, actually putting "attributed to" on this little table & chairs set made of perforated iron [a Mategot signature material]. Presumably, an appearance by Mategot's ghost declaring authorship ["Oui, c'est a moi!"] would affect the current $1,600 price tag.


But only a little. A set of three Kyoto children's chairs from Atelier Mategot only brought $2950 at Wright20's auction in 2004.

MOBILIER 1950 ENFANTS: 4 children chairs inspired by Mathieu Mategot [florencelopez.com]
Set of kids iron table with two chairs att: MATHIEU MATEGOT, $1600 [littleparisantiques.com]
LOT 310: Mathieu Mategot, rare Kyoto children's chairs, set of three, $2950 [wright20.com]

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