September 14, 2009

Unless Someone's Lying, Ford Will Bring The 7-Seat Grand C-MAX To The US


See, here's why I hate embargoes. One guy supposedly jumped it by Twittering a statement, not a rumor: "Ford going to launch seven passenger C-max Grand in U.S. in 2011...built off Focus platform. Personally, I think it looks great."

[Personally, I do to, and personally, I think Ford's been crazy to keep the C-Max and the S-Max out of the US for so long. And personally, I thought the whole US Focus strategy has been bunk for years. But that's not the point.]


World Car Fans then jumped in by releasing a bunch of embargoed press photos of the Grand C-MAX, which look pretty good. BUT they put this wishy-washy caveat on the end:

As we have previously reported, Ford is considering bringing the C-MAX to North America. While nothing is official, Ford is likely watching American's attitudes towards SUV replacements.
So is it decided or not? Judging by their headline, Jalopnik votes yes.

Post-Embargo Update: It's official: The 7-passenger C-Max will be coming to the US! In "late 2011." Sheesh.

Ford Grand C-Max Headed For US [jalopnik via dt senior minivan correspondent jj daddy-o]


Yes yes yes! Bring on the Mazda 5 alternatives (even if they're closely related to the Mazda 5).

Pontiac Vibe. Toyota Matrix.

buzz: This seats seven. Normal-sized vehicle that can bring home kids for playdates and otherwise share in carpoolkultur.

(1) This is pretty awesome.
(2) I'd rather have the S-MAX, but see (3).
(3) I have no money, and never will again, so there's a better chance I'd be able to buy a C-MAX. Like a glacier's chance in Hell, as opposed to a snowball's chance.
(4) 1.6-liter EcoBoost

I never underestimate Ford's ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
I am praying that they don't use some of their patented U.S. "style" to dress up the euro imports, as they did with the Focus. Although the plastichrome side "vents", or whatever they were, were so universally reviled it looks like they have been dropped from the 2010 models.
Now if we can just get the S-Max with a diesel...

Wish list:

Can you do that for us Ford?

BTW, just poked around the Transit Connect at a dealer and it was awesome. I saw the family version of this that Ford trotted out earlier in the year on the car show circuit but can report that the Transit Connect doesn't really need that much modification for family service. Very utilitarian interior but that's part of the charm. Tons of storage. Cleanup looks easy. And the Ford Work Solutions Tool Link system ( should be marketed to families. I'd be slapping RFID tags on the stroller, sippy cups, even the kids...just to make sure nothing gets left behind at the rest stop.

It's pretty easy to figure out. If gas prices go above $3 again they'll introduce it. Sort of like how Mazda was discontinuing the 5 and then gas prices went up and there were no more press releases about that topic.

Still waiting for the full sized minivan with great gas mileage. I'm guessing a lot of parents are.

Tim, I echo your sentiments. GM, DaimlerChrysler and BMW worked together to develop a brawny ("two mode") hybrid powertrain that could be sourced for larger/heavier vehicles. Chrysler put it into the Aspen/Durango and has canceled both. GM put it into the Tahoe/Yukon/Excalade (as well as their large pickups) and sales numbers are virtually zero. Mercedes may have it in the ML but you wouldn't know it and BMW just announced it for the X6 which is already a niche within a niche. Looking at the list of vehicles and this the two mode hybrid looks like a great engineering effort poorly applied. Nobody questions the technology here. These vehicles all get fairly impressive mileage for their size and weight. The problem is that they are all in categories (large trucklike SUVs, overpriced SUVlike whatchamacallits)) that have become generally undesirable and/or unattainable for most buyers. If Chrysler had put this powertrain in their minivans and GM had put it in the Acadia/Enclave/Outlook/Traverse we'd be talking about 8 passenger practical family haulers getting 25-30 mpg. Seems like a package that only Chrysler and GM marketing departments could screw up.

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