August 27, 2009


And that, my friends, is how you sell a bassinet in a depression.


Argington just announced their newest, greenest, and cheapest nursery furniture ever, and I think it might just rock. The Bam Collection is available in birch or solid bamboo. It's simple, almost traditional, even, but it's got smooth, modern details, and I expect it has a nice, high-quality finish and feel. [The first chance to kick the slats will be in a couple of weeks at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, stay tuned.]


The Bam bed system is modular, so the crib actually starts out as a bassinet, which converts to a crib. Then there's a second, separate kit for converting it to a toddler bed. Which sounds needlessly complex, perhaps, but it's really a smooth pitch which reverses the kind of financial jiu jitsu that always haunts the discussion of buying a bassinet--an iconic, often expensive piece of baby furniture whose useful life can be measured in weeks.

The so-called Nursery Value Pack knocks the price of the bassinet [$359] plus the crib conversion kit [$329], down to the price of the crib itself [$585]. So really, you could just imagine you're getting a nice deal on a crib, with the bassinet thrown in for free. And that frees you up to argue over whether you need a changing table. [If I had to choose, I'd rather get the dresser, below].


The lowest prices are for the two natural birch finishes--white and ebony, which really looks browner than black to me]. But I'm a sucker for bamboo, and even with a $200/pc. premium, it's still the best price I've ever seen for solid bamboo nursery furniture.

Anyway, it all looks sweet; Argington's even added a shopping cart to their website, so you can order it right now for mid-November delivery.

Argington's Bam Furniture Collection [ via argington]


whoa. I think we might need to have another baby.

I normally eschew the furniture posts, but that's pretty damn sweet.

Is the "green" claim yours, based on the fact it's bamboo, or theirs? Because most bamboo is still cut from wild stands, using enslaved pandas.

haha, those pandas should be thankful they still have jobs.

the green claim is entirely Arginton's, and it's quite elaborate and involves sustainably harvested wood, E-Zero certification for 100% formaldehyde free-dom, water-based finishes, unbleached organic cotton mattresses, etc. etc.

I'm all for taking shopping bags to the store and whatnot, but most of the sustainability marketingspeak floating around out there makes my eyes glaze over. Which means there are a hundred hippiemomgreenbabygearblogs that cover that stuff more effectively than I will/do.

Speaking of Argington, once again it seems their designs are worthy of copying....

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