July 17, 2009

1. Have Babies 2. Race Volvos 3. Make T-Shirts


So my first thought when I read this in Automotive.com:

Volvo has started off this year's racing season in the Swedish Touring Car Championship with a bang - pole position in all races and several victories. Volvo has also introduced a new colour theme for this year's team equipment and clothing to match the green DRIVe technology on the racing car.
is like, "Of course Volvo's going to win, they're the only Swedish touring car manufacturer left! Death of the station wagon, people!"

But the real story here, of course, is the kids t-shirt in the new team colors and livery. Automotive.com runs it through Google Translate for us:

"Little bit of a gem in the collection as it engaged the whole racing team. With several of us, from our driver Robert Dahlgren and his engineer to our main chef, becoming dads recently, developing the kids T-shirt quickly evolved to become just as advanced engineering as when we develop our racing car" says Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, Commercial Director for Motorsport at Volvo.
Or as the Volvo Collection Svenska website explains more clearly, "Tuff T-shirt för den lille/lilla teamchefen. 100% bomull med alla sponsor och partnerlogotyper fram. "Team Manager" tryck på baksidan."

Team Manager Children Clothing now available from Volvo Motorsports [automotive.com via dt reader dt]
STCC Racing Kids T-Shirt, three sizes, none of them for babies, 199SEK [collection.volvocars.com]

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