July 15, 2009

Birdspotting: Oeuf Robin $565 Crib Spotted In The Wild


Wait, Oeuf WHAT? DT reader Geoff sends along a head-scratching find: the Oeuf Robin, an all-FSC birch and pine, "made in Europe," "eco-friendly", full-size convertible crib that comes in at a rather remarkable $565. It's on the website for his local hipster baby store, genes, of Wayne, Pennsylvania as a "genes exclusive."

Just cracking the $600 barrier puts Oeuf in a pretty exclusive club. There are definitely cheaper compact crib options--the new $400 Bloom Alma collapsible crib and the ever-awesome Community Playthings crib, a made-in-USA, maple&plexi miracle at just $300, both come to mind. But a full-sized, non-plastic, non-MDF, non-schlubby crib has been harder to find than an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in a hillbilly swamp.

Not that folks haven't been hunting. Modern crib designers have been trying to find a $500-700 market option in between their $1400 modernist dreambeds and Ikea, but it hasn't been easy:

Obviously, we'll need to look at this Robin collection [there's a dresser/changer, too] more closely. Genes says they have limited quantities of Robin for July delivery. If you get one, or see one in person, don't be a stranger about it.

Oeuf Robin Crib, $565, "Limited supply for July delivery. Pre-order yours today!" [shopgenes.com via dt reader geoff]
UPDATE: The Robin is also at Giggle, but with "early August delivery" [giggle.com]
And Genius Jones has it in Miami [geniusjones.com]


I'll go check em out.

Hey Greg. Just a heads up to any of your Philly or surrounding area readers...we'll have the Robin on the floor in our center city store by around the 20th of July for everyone to come and check out. I met with the Oeuf folks recently re: this product and we're all really excited about it. Anyone who knows Oeuf merchandise can attest to the quality and this one is no exception.

We have a limited supply in the first container so we're certainly recommending pre-orders for those wanting this ASAP. Otherwise, the next shipment won't be available until September.

You can check 'em out here http://www.shopgenes.com/oeuf-robin-crib.html and here http://www.shopgenes.com/oeuf-robin-dresser.html

Also a heads up to Chicago area readers, we will have the Robin on the floor at our Division Street store in Wicker Park.

You can check it out here too ...

Figures this would come out right after I pulled the trigger on a not bad looking MDF one. Le sigh.

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